Are you feeling conflicted inside? Finding out you’re pregnant when you weren’t expecting it is a challenging situation to navigate through. In a moment, the course of what you thought life might be like is now altered. Like, a hurricane coming and rearranging the landscaping you had initially laid out. If this is where you find yourself, we’ve compiled some questions and answers in our examination of the abortion pill.


Is the abortion pill considered a medical abortion, or is it an “emergency contraceptive”?

These pills are not the same as the Plan B morning-after pill. The abortion pill, also known as RU 486, is a medical abortion consisting of two different drugs. The first drug is mifepristone and the second drug is misoprostol. On the other hand, the morning-after pill, which is available at local pharmacies, is not 100% effective in eliminating the risk of becoming pregnant. Because of this, the morning-after pill is not considered an abortion method.


How and at what week is the abortion pill administered?

These must be administered in a clinic by your doctor or licensed medical professional. If not, it’s strongly advised that you do not receive or take the abortion pill. The abortion pill can only be administered up to the tenth week of pregnancy. A follow-up appointment is also strongly advised as sometimes infection follows the abortion.


Is the abortion pill 100% effective?

No, they is not always 100% effective.


Is there a reversal pill in case one changes her mind about the abortion?

Yes, you can find all the information about the abortion reversal here.


Is there anything one should do before taking the abortion pill?

Yes, before you make an appointment to get the pills or taking them, there are a few steps you should take first.


1. Confirming your pregnancy

To do this, you can use an at-home pregnancy test. However, a better option would be to get a lab-quality pregnancy test, which is 98% accurate, accompanied by an ultrasound. The reason being, nearly 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in a miscarriage. An ultrasound can help you determine if your body is preparing for a miscarriage and how far along the pregnancy has progressed.


2. Talk to an unbiased person to speak with about ALL your options.

This is your decision, and you should have ALL the facts and information you need to make an informed decision. Sometimes talking to family and friends results in biased information.


3. Make an appointment At Wyandotte and Olathe Pregnancy Clinics

We can assist you with a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, and someone to speak with at NO COST! Since we are a non-profit organization, we do not benefit financially from anyone’s appointment. Meaning, your decision is not tied to how we conduct our business. We are simply here to serve you. Why not make an appointment? Call us at 913-287-8287 or schedule your appointment online today.