Dangers of Online Abortion Pills

Are you experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and looking for options? If so, you have likely discovered the widespread availability of abortion pills online. While online abortion pills may seem like the easiest solution to your problem, there are serious risks you need to be aware of before taking these pills. Below, we will discuss some of the dangers of online abortion pills so you can have the information you need to make an informed choice.


1. Lack of doctor/pharmacist oversight

Abortion is a serious medical procedure with potential complications and side effects. You may think that the abortion pill is a safer, more confidential method to obtain an abortion. However, ordering abortion pills online removes the doctor/pharmacist component and leaves you vulnerable to facing complications alone.

How much bleeding is too much bleeding? Were you given the proper dosage or even the proper pills? These are questions you need to ask and only a medical professional can answer them. You wouldn’t diagnose and self-treat any other serious medical condition. Why should pregnancy be any different?


2. You don’t know where the pills are coming from

If you order from an online abortion provider or a third-party online supplier, you are at risk of receiving pills that originated outside of the United States. Therefore, the pills you receive likely haven’t been tested or approved by the FDA.

This is particularly troubling if your pills arrive in unmarked packaging. You wouldn’t take a pill out of an unmarked bottle from your grandma’s purse. Why would you consider taking one you received in the mail from an unknown supplier?

Do your research so you know what you’re putting into your body. Your health and safety are important.


3. Missing or unclear instructions

Oftentimes abortion pills obtained online arrive with unclear or completely missing instructions. This oversight compounds the issue of the pills themselves potentially being unmarked, making this an incredibly dangerous scenario.

You wouldn’t attempt to put together an IKEA side table without instructions. Why would you take such a gamble with your health?


4. Going through abortion alone

Abortion can have serious medical and mental health repercussions that should not be taken lightly. Taking the abortion pill at home can be incredibly lonely and isolating.  You may experience feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, or remorse. Additionally, your physical symptoms may vary and can include heavy bleeding, cramping, nausea, and diarrhea, as well as passing potentially large pieces of tissue.

Therefore, you should know what you’re getting yourself into before you consider this route. Below are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Who can I call to help me through pain management?
  • What, if any, pain medication can I take?
  • Who can I call to help me process my emotions?
  • Do I have a plan in place in case of emergency?
  • How far away is the nearest ER should I have severe complications?



5. Abortion pills can be ordered by anyone

Lastly, the internet provides a level of anonymity that, in the wrong hands, is incredibly dangerous. Anyone can pretend to be anything. Young girls can pretend to be 18 years old. Parents can pretend to be their teenaged daughter. Abusive partners can pretend to be their pregnant spouse or girlfriend.

This means that, without so much as a telehealth visit, ultrasound, or even proof of a positive pregnancy test, anyone can be provided with abortion pills. This is dangerous on so many levels.

Ordering abortion pills online may seem like the easiest solution to your problem, but you owe it to yourself to understand all the risks that go along with it. You don’t have to feel isolated in your decision. At Wyandotte and Olathe Pregnancy Clinics, we will walk with you through this very difficult decision. Schedule your no cost appointment today. You are not alone.